Storage Tips: Guide To Preserve Your Fur Coat While Storing

Fur coats are delicate and need special care. This makes the right storage unit and storage preparation important, as this will help keep your coat in good condition. There are a few things to consider when looking for the right storage space and a few tips that will help you store your items safely.

Choose a Fur-Protecting Storage Unit

As you search for the right storage facility, consider the following. You can ask your storage specialist if these options are available to you:

Climate Control

Your fur coat can get damaged if too much moisture gets in your unit. This is why you should keep the humidity controlled to around 45 to 55 percent. Humidity increases your chances of mold, and controlling it may also help fend off insects that are attracted to moisture.

You should also know that high humidity or an environment that is too dry may increase the chances of your fur piece rotting prematurely.

The temperature in the storage that you choose should be cold enough to slow down biodegradation, which is helpful for fur, leather, or other natural fibers. Think of it as putting your biodegradable garment in a refrigerator to extend its life just a little longer. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees.

UV Protection

The next thing you should make sure your storage facility offers are units that do not get natural sunlight. This is important because the sun may evaporate the natural oils in your fur piece, making your piece rot prematurely. 

You can talk to your storage specialist about what else they may offer to handle your needs. 

Storage Preparation

The following are a few things you can consider that should help further protect your fur pieces when you store them:

  • Be sure to have each piece professionally cleaned before you store them. This is important because the fur might have picked up particles like dirt, your sweat, perfume, or food that will attract insects to your items. You should also know that there are insects that feed on natural fibers like fur, so you do not want to attract them to your unit.
  • Use fur garment containers to help further protect your items from temperature changes and insects. 
  • Hang your items to avoid damaging your items with creases.

You can talk to your storage specialist about other things that you can do to keep your fur items safe while they are in storage. And hopefully when you take your fur coat out of storage, it will be well preserved.

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