Organizing And Storing Clothing You Wish To Sell

If you enjoy going to yard sales or thrift stores in search of clothing to resell via online auction site, you may have considered using a storage service to house your finds while waiting for a buyer. Clothing needs special care when being placed in a storage unit to ensure it will not become damaged by moisture or pests. Here are some steps you can take to keep items safe and make them easy to find when using a storage facility as a temporary holding area for clothing you intend to sell.

Clean All Items

Before putting clothing into a storage unit, it is necessary to make sure each article is completely clean. Failing to wash and dry items before storing could be harmful to your entire supply if an item has an insect, larvae, or eggs present within the fibers. Wash and dry each piece of clothing and inspect them by hand before packaging appropriately. Avoid using starch as this can attract insects like silverfish or firebrats.

Take An Inventory

Before packaging clothing to store, you will want to take photographs and measurements of each piece in preparation for making a sale. If you plan on selling items individually, place each article in a resealable plastic bag so you can grab needed items easily if you make a sale. Label each individual item with a number and keep an ongoing list in a notebook along with the measurements. This way, when you post an auction for the piece, all the information will be in one place without the need to have the physical piece of clothing in front of you.

Select The Container

It is best to store clothing in plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes as they are airtight, reducing the chance of damage. Place a silica gel packet into each individual plastic bag to help keep moisture away from the clothing inside. Place these plastic bags into a plastic storage container for added protection. If you are selling the items in a larger lot, place a few silica gel packets directly into the plastic storage bin. Label the outsides of the containers with the range of identification numbers of the pieces inside so you can easily find the piece when you make a sale.

Organize The Unit

When you have a full container ready for storage, bring it to your storage unit and place it along one of the walls so the label is facing the middle of the unit where it can be easily seen. Consider using different colored labels depending on the type of clothing inside the container. For example, label women's clothing with a pink label and men's clothing with a blue label. When you make a sale, you will be able to go to your unit and easily find the exact piece or pieces you sold so you can mail them promptly.

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