Three Simple Tips That Will Keep Your Storage Unit Effectively Organized

Using a storage unit to store your infrequently used possessions can keep your home in proper order, but it's important that you maintain a high degree of order in your storage space, too. Neglecting your unit can allow it to get cluttered, which will make your visits to the unit long and arduous as you search for what you need. Once you've signed the paperwork for your storage unit and are set to begin the process of loading it, commit to taking a methodical approach. These three steps will help you achieve this goal.

Meticulously Note the Contents of Your Boxes

A properly organized storage unit begins with knowing exactly what's inside each of your boxes. When you're loading them, start by writing a number on each box in permanent marker; placing the number on every side of the box ensures that however you eventually place it in the storage unit, the number will be visible. Then, write down everything you load into the box on a corresponding sheet of paper and don't forget to list the box's number. Continue this approach until you've packed everything and are ready to begin to process of loading your storage unit.

Work Around the Perimeter

It might seem tempting to begin pushing your storage boxes against the back wall of the unit and continuing this strategy until the space is full, but you'll be in for a challenging time when you return to the unit to find a specific item. Instead, organize your unit by stacking your boxes around the perimeter; you'll have three walls to cover and -- provided you place your large, heavy boxes on the ground -- you'll be able to build high, sturdy stacks. When you've finished working around the perimeter, place your remaining boxes and other items in the center of the space, allowing for an unobstructed path throughout the unit. A bird's-eye view of the space should look like an inverted letter "U" with the middle containing a path and other stored items.

Note The Location of Key Boxes

If you expect you'll return to the unit to retrieve certain boxes sooner rather than later, pile them all in a specific area, such as against either side wall and close to the edge. For ultimate organization, make a quick notation of these boxes' location on the paper that includes your packing list. Through this approach, your future visits to your storage unit should be quick and easy.

If you have yet to find a storage unit, consider contacting local facilities, such as Back Acres Mini-Storage & Mobile Home Park, to discuss your concerns and find the best fit for you.

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