Seasons Change – So Do Your Silk Flowers And Candles – How To Store Them Safely

Candles and flowers are the perfect finishing touch for home décor. Changing the candles and flower out for different seasons and holidays gives your home a whole new look for the new season. What do you do with all of the silk flowers and candles that you use to beautify your home? Below, you will find instructions for preparing and storing your silk flowers and candles in a storage unit to keep them looking beautiful for many years.

Prepare and Pack the Silk Flowers

Cleaning the silk flowers can be time consuming, but it is an important step in keeping them looking great. You never want to store silk flowers with dust on them because it will cause them to discolor.

You have two options for dusting your silk flowers – a feather duster or compressed air. Both options should be done outside so that the dust can be carried away in the wind so that it doesn't settle back on the flowers that you just cleaned.

Note: If you opt to use the compressed air, spray a bit of air away from the flowers before you blow the air on the flowers, and keep the can upright. Moisture can come out of the can at first and if the can is tipped while using.

To keep the flowers looking their best, find enough boxes to box up each arrangement in its own box. This will prevent the flowers from getting smashed up and misshapen. Use a bit of tissue paper to wrap the flowers before you place them in the box. This will protect them further from dust. Use additional tissue paper to tuck around the arrangement to keep it from shifting around in the box as you transport it.

Now, place the small boxes inside a larger box to make transporting and organizing easier. Just don't overdo it and make the box too heavy to safely handle.

Prepare and Pack the Candles

First, take a damp cloth and wipe the candles down to remove the dust that may have settled on them. Then, if the wick is burnt, trim the top of it off to keep it from breaking off while being transported. That little bit of burnt wick can cause a lot of discoloration in a few weeks' time.

Now, wrap each candle in plastic wrap to keep them from rubbing against each other and transferring the wax color. Once wrapped, lay them flat in a box, but remember that candles can get heavy if you put too many of them in a single box.

After everything is packed up and ready to go, find a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. This is a crucial element in keeping your flowers and candles from getting destroyed. Without climate control, the boxes will be exposed to changes in moisture and temperature and could very well become damaged before you return to retrieve them. Use resources like to find a storage facility near you.

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