Using Storage To Help With Downsizing When Moving

If you are planning a move that will be a downsize, you'll need to make sure that you end up in your new home with less things. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to get rid of things before you're ready to. Here are four ways renting a self storage unit when downsizing can help make your move less painful.

1. Taking the Time to Sell and Donate

If your move is happening quickly or was unexpected, you aren't going to want to just trash perfectly good items you don't need any more. If you don't have to time to coordinate donating and selling items at the same time as moving, give yourself some breathing room. If you can put these in storage until you are settled, you can then properly go through items and make sure these find good homes down the line.

2. Keeping Items for the Future

If you aren't quite sure if your loveseat or recliner would be a better fit in your new living room, you don't need to decide this right away. If you have keepsakes or sentimental items that you don't have space for right now, you can store these until you are in a different situation. Don't get rid of items that are important to you just because you don't have space for these in your home.

3. Keeping Your Storage Space Active

If you have sports equipment or seasonal items that you don't necessarily need around your home, these can take up residence in a storage unit. These will be ready for you when you need them and will be safe and secure in storage. Try to find a self storage facility close by with longer hours so that you will have easy access your items.

4. Keeping Your Home Organized

If you tend to be the type to live among clutter or with too many furnishings, downsizing can be the perfect time to change your ways. By having a storage unit, you can finally streamline your home and have a minimalist look, even in a smaller space. Box up knickknacks, smaller end tables, and items that don't serve an actual purpose in your home. You can revisit these in storage a few months later and decide if you really need them.

Moving into a smaller space can be a stressful event, but don't make important decisions on items before you are ready to. Renting a storage unit will give you the space to sort things and keep items from cluttering your home. If you have access to a storage unit, you won't have to push yourself to make quick decisions when downsizing.

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