Pack Smartly Before Taking Your Items to a Self-Storage Facility

Renting space at a self-storage facility can be the key to allowing you to bring order to your home. Seldom-used possessions, seasonal decor items and more can be relocated to your storage unit and retrieved when needed. One of the best ways to save money on the cost of your storage space is to pack your items carefully before relocating them -- doing so can often mean that you can use a smaller unit. Although you might be in a hurry to gather your things and begin loading them in the unit, allowing adequate time for packing your items with care is important. Here are three ways to accomplish this goal.

Don't Pack What You Won't Use Again

Perhaps the most important rule of smart packing is to avoid wasting space in your storage unit -- and your time and effort -- by packing things that you'll never deal with again. Granted, it's not always easy to go through your home and throw things out, but packing things to simply send them to your storage unit to gather dust for the foreseeable future is hardly ideal, either. Begin the packing process by making some tough decisions about your things, and you'll find that the entire experience will only get easier. Remember, you don't have to throw everything you don't want in the garbage. You can try selling it or even donating it.

Use the Right Boxes

While many people scramble to amass old boxes in which to store their possessions, it can make sense to visit the storage center in advance and buy some various sizes of boxes. Different-sized boxes allow you to pack efficiently and decrease the risk of your items getting damaged. For example, instead of packing small, fragile items in a standard-sized box with things that are heavy, load them into a small, sturdy box. Likewise, heavy items should go in reinforced boxes that are designed to hold specific weights.

Keep a Detailed List

You don't want to find yourself aimlessly hunting through your storage unit in the future in an effort to find something specific, so take the time initially to make a detailed list as you pack. As you load each box, note the contents on some paper and give the box a number. This system means that when you need to find something a month or a year from now, it will be as simple as consulting your paper to find the item, checking its corresponding box number and finding the box in the storage space.

If you have any questions about storage units, consider contacting a local facility, such as LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.

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