How To Store Winter Toys

Putting away your winter toys frees up space for the activities of summer. Whether these toys consist of simple sleds or expensive skis, proper storage is a must. Make sure you are storing everything correctly before you take it to your self storage unit.


Plastic sleds need very little care before you store them. Simply make sure they are completely dry, since moisture can lead to mildew and mildew can stain plastic. Once the item is in storage, hang it on the wall. Most plastic sleds have hanging holes or an attached rope for this purpose. Hanging ensures heavier items don't break or deform the sled.

Wooden sleds, like toboggans, need a bit more care. Make sure that the wood is still fully sealed. If you notice cracks in the finish, it needs to be sanded off and a new coat of sealer applied. Metal runners and components need to be completely dry. Rub oil down each runner to keep it from rusting during its time in storage.

Skis and Snowboards

These both need hosed off and completely cleaned with clear water. Once done, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth, making special care to ensure there is no moisture trapped in the bindings. Once this is done, wax the bases and edges with the ski wax of your choice.

When placing these items into storage, you need to lay them flat. Standing them on end for several months, especially n a storage unit that will get hot, can lead to warping. Laying them on the ground or on a shelf is the best option, since there will be equal pressure on all parts of the ski or board. If you are worried about moisture on the ground damaging the skis, lay them on top of an old pallet so they are elevated above the moisture, or lay them on top of a tarp.

Winter Wear

Snow suits, ski pants, and heavy boots can all take up space, so carting them to the storage unit is a good idea. Wash and dry everything first. Jackets, pants and snow suits, especially those filled with down, should be packed loosely in a plastic storage tub. Do not compress these items since this can ruin some of their insulation qualities.

Boots need all the mud and grime removed. Road salt can eat through the rubber, so hose down the bottom of the soles thoroughly with water. Once dry, stuff the boots with packing paper to absorb moisture and odors during storage. These are best stored in a dry area, such as in their own plastic storage tub. If you store boots with outerwear, make sure the boots are on the bottom so their weight doesn't compress the outerwear. Contact a business, such as AA All American Airborne Self-Storage for more information. 

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