Setting Up Your Self-Storage Unit So You Can Keep Track Of Your Things: Three Tips

The idea of cleaning out your home and putting some belongings into a self-storage unit can give you a sense of relief because your home won't be cluttered with a lot of extra things. However, if you just store things inside the unit without a plan, it can be difficult to find what you need when you return to the unit. Use the following suggestions to create order inside your self-storage unit so that you can retrieve items without too much trouble.

Use Colored Tape on Your Boxes

One of the easiest ways to keep track of where certain items are inside your self-storage unit is to put different colored tape on your packing boxes. While you might already be planning to write on the outside of the box, from a distance, it may be easier to see colored tape. For instance, you might use blue tape for bathroom items and red tape for kitchen items. Using colored tape may also make it easier for you to group items from a particular room together when you're putting items inside the unit.

Draw a Unit Map

Another way to remain organized is to take time to draw a little map of everything inside the self-storage unit. You may think you'll be able to remember where everything is, especially if your boxes are labeled, but as time passes, you might forget details. Were the bathroom items marked with blue tape or red tape? Did you put things from the bedroom in the back on the right side or left side of the unit? A map will help you remember and find what you need.

You might feel tempted to leave your map inside the self-storage unit, but if you do that, you could be helping an intruder sift through your things. Instead, keep the map in your home with your important documents.

Leave Space for Walking

In your haste, you might find yourself packing things into the self-storage unit without leaving room for yourself to walk around. This can mean trouble when you come back for something, as you may be more likely to trip over boxes and have to spend time creating a path for yourself later.

To avoid aggravation, consciously leave a clear path for walking as you put your items into the unit.

With the tips laid out in this article, finding things in your self-storage unit shouldn't be a problem. Check with a local self-storage unit company for more suggestions about how you might best organize your unit and keep your things secure.

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