Safely Prepare, Pack And Store Your Vintage Toys

Vintage toy collecting is popular among all ages of people. These collections can quickly grow and begin to take over too much of the home. If you have vintage toys that you aren't quite ready to let go of, but don't have enough space in your home for, a storage unit at places like North Star Mini Storage can help you preserve their condition and make space for those new toys that you want to add to your collection. Here you will learn how to prepare, pack, and store your vintage toys to ensure they remain in good condition for years to come.


Before you do anything, you must make sure the toys are clean. Toys still in their original packaging require the most care because that packaging increases the value greatly. Use a very lightly damped cloth to wipe off the cardboard and plastic. Set them each out to dry.

Plush toys can be quickly cleaned by putting them in a pillow case and throwing them into your dryer on low heat with a wet washcloth. This will help to remove the dust and odors that may be trapped in them before you put them away.

Toys out of the packaging will require a bit more work to prepare. Models and things of the like should be given a quick wipe and the dust blown out of small areas using a can of compressed air.


For best results, you don't want any two toys touching each other directly. This can be accomplished with some acid-free tissue paper and cardboard. Remember that things in the bottom of boxes can become smashed even with the lightest-weight items on top. Use shallow boxes to store things in as few layers as possible.

If you have to use bigger boxes with multiple items inside, use cardboard dividers to keep things in place with additional cardboard supports placed to keep the upper layers from pressing down on the things in the bottom of the box.


Look for a storage that offers climate-controlled units. Failure to use a climate-controlled unit will result in mold and mildew growth, glue failure, and surface cracks on the vinyl dolls and toys being stored. The climate-controlled feature will eliminate the concern of damage from moisture and heat and will make it possible to store these items for years without becoming damaged.

Your collection can continue to grow without letting go of anything you already have. Use the above information to prepare, pack, and store your vintage toys safely.

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