Storing Your Piano

Pianos not only make beautiful music; they are often lovely pieces of furniture. Of course, they are large pieces of furniture that take up a lot of room and require special care. When you need to store your piano, you should take more precautions than when you are storing other home furnishings.

Climate Control

You need to rent a climate controlled storage unit for your piano. These instruments are actually quite vulnerable to extreme temperatures and can crack and warp in cold and heat. They are percussion instruments that also have strings, so excess humidity can wreak havoc on their performance. If you do not control your piano's environment, it may need major repair when you reclaim it. A climate-controlled unit should keep the humidity constant and the temperature between 55 and 85 degrees year round. These units cost more monthly, but keeping your piano in prime condition is certainly worth the price. 


Before you have the piano moved, clean it thoroughly. Obviously, you should not have it tuned prior to storage. You must cover the piano and the bench with a quilted cover, blankets, or some other padded fabric. The piano and its bench should be stored together, preferably away from anything else in the unit that might damage it. You may want to place it in the back of the unit by itself so that it won't be disturbed when you come in and out of the unit for other items. Never store anything on the piano's top or on the bench. They can be too easily damaged by excess weight. 

Professional Movers

You should not attempt to move your piano yourself. Tossing it in your father-in-law's truck will almost assure that it will suffer damage before you even arrive at the facility. Pianos weigh hundreds of pounds and are generally quite valuable. Unfortunately, they are easily damaged. Professional movers will safely take your piano to the facility and gently unload it, placing it where it will be safest in the storage space. In reality, you will have a hard time finding friends who want to undertake this task anyway, so sticking with the experts is a practical decision. 

Your piano is not just any item. If you must store it, even for a short time, you need to take extra care to prepare and move it to the unit. You must also invest in a climate controlled unit to protect it from extremes of temperature and humidity. Your beloved piano is worth all this effort. For more information, contact storage units such as Capitol City Storage.

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