Spending A Year Abroad? What You Should Do With Your Car While You Are Gone

When you are planning to spend a year abroad, whether for school or work, you will have a wide variety of factors to consider when getting ready for your time away from home. One of the biggest factors to consider is what you will do with your car while you are gone. There are many different car storage options that you may wish to choose from when you are out of the country. Get to know more about some of these options so that you can ensure that you car is safe and secure until your return. 

A Secure Car Storage Parking Lot

There are many residential storage companies and other facilities that will offer secure parking lots as storage options for cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles. Unlike standard paid parking lots and garages though, these are lots with assigned spaces that are paid monthly and are meant for long-term storage (rather than a place to park to go to work every day).

Secure parking lots offer coded or key entry at the gates as well as security camera monitoring and usually high fences that would be difficult to climb over or break into. Sometimes they even have security guards on staff to keep a watchful eye on the lot.

These secure car storage parking lots are often less expensive than other storage options for your vehicle and can be paid for the full year in advance relatively easily because of their lower prices. This means that once you have gotten your car settled there, you will not have to worry about it again until the day you get back.

A Residential Car Storage Garage

On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your car is not only protected from theft or vandalism but also the elements while you are abroad, you may want to consider a car storage garage rather than a parking space in a secure lot.  Not only will your car be protected from any person getting to it, but the rain, wind, hail, and snow will not be able to affect or damage your car while you are away.

Finding a car storage garage may be a bit more tricky than finding a secure lot only because many storage facilities would prefer that you do not store motor vehicles in their storage units. Cars tend to leak fluids causing damage to the interior of the storage unit which may be costly to fix. However, if you do find a suitable garage that will allow you to store your car there, be sure to lay down some cardboard underneath your car before you leave it there (just in case) to prevent damage. Putting a car cover may on your car may also still be a good idea in case of roof leaks as well as damage from dust and dirt particles that could hard the paint job.

Now that you know a few of the best storage options for your car when you will be abroad for a year, you can be sure that you find the right place for your vehicle until you return. Contact a local provider, such as Ship Creek Storage, for further assistance.

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