You May Want To Put Your Things In A Unit With A Controlled Climate

You have plenty of options when picking a storage unit and one thing you need to decide is if having a climate-controlled one is important to you. Here are some reasons why you might want to store your things in a storage unit with this feature: 

You will be better off when you are in the storage unit

Some people quickly pile their belongings into their storage unit and leave. They don't return again until it's time to get everything out of the unit. For these people, the short amount of time in a very hot or extremely cold unit may not be a big deal. 

Then, there are other people who install shelving and put their items in the unit slowly, making sure that everything is organized properly. They may also come to the unit regularly to sort through things or to tend to other tasks they need to do. These people will appreciate the fact that the inside of the unit will be kept at a comfortable temperature. 

All your items will be better off 

You might have a lot more items than you realize that depend on being kept in a controlled environment. Some of the more obvious things that require comfortable temps and less humidity include artwork, photographs, candles, wax figurines, and upholstered and wood furniture. 

Some other items that should be kept in a climate-controlled environment include stamp collections, card collections, vinyl records, mattresses, and fabric. 

The unit will have good air quality and less risk of mold

If you were to store your things in a storage unit without climate control and the unit shut up for lengths of time, which usually happens with things in storage, then the unit can become musty. Mold is a real possibility in a closed-up space that can get humid and warm. 

Not only are you going to have to worry about your items possibly being destroyed by mold, but the entire unit will carry a musty odor. This means when you move your things into your home, they can give your home a foul odor. 

There is less risk of a chance of pests 

A climate-controlled storage unit will usually be an inside unit that is sealed more tightly than an outdoor standard unit. There are also outdoor climate-controlled storage units, but these are also sealed up more tightly than the standard units. This is important because it prevents the storage facility from overworking their HVAC system which means higher monthly bills and more repair expenses. 

The fact that these storage units are sealed so tightly means your items also get the added benefit of being in a storage unit that's better protected against pests. This is important because pests can do a lot of damage to many of your items. 

Rodents can chew everything from boxes to furniture and clothing, as well as the wiring to your electronics. Insects can get in the boxes, drawers, and many other places and multiply, so you will bring a pest problem into your home when you remove your things from the unit.

For more information on climate-controlled storage, contact a storage facility near you, such as Inland Boat and Storage.

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